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The term expat derives from expatriate, which stems from ex patria, Latin for “out of your home country”. Right this moment, over 40 million children are growing up outside of the country in which they were born. They could have been forcibly removed due to natural or human-made disasters striking their homes, or one of their parents’ employers may have asked their family to take on an international assignment. An even larger number of children have a second-hand experience with international relocation, they could be second-generation migrants or experience an international lifestyle via their parents’ lives.

All these children have something in common: international migration impacts the place they call home.



Expat Valley Assistance offers an independent and complete solution for when you seek assistance with any international child-related question, concern or escalation. We understand the situation you’re in, know of solutions and experts, and take care of you until you’re in a better place.


The world is changing faster than anyone can keep up with. Interna- tional children are at the forefront of these changes, we help you listen to their voices by compiling data, information and insights into best practices relevant to your business decisions and strategies.

Tool Kids

When international children thrive, entire systems benefit. We help you determine how your organization impacts international children’s lives. Our Tool Kids allow you to establish a positive connection with international children and their parents.

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Our Purpose

Removing any form of ignorance towards the wellbeing of international children is what we pursue. Decisions involving internationally migrating children often operate from the assumption that after an adjustment period, they settle into their new lives. In reality, international migration can significantly influence a child’s sense of belonging, and thus the development of their identity and their ability to maintain successful relationships growing up.

As the world’s first Ombudsman for International Children, we believe that international migration should be an enriching experience that allows children to thrive.

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Karlijn Jacobs

Karlijn is a systems thinker that believes in world peace and always aims to make the most of the people and projects she works with. She is our Strategist.

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Idris van Heffen

Our Art Director, Idris, breathes life into our brand and its concepts by translating them into a visual language that communicates with your heart.

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Matthijs de Rave

The power to satisfy the needs of different stakeholders meets with the ambition to do right for children in the imagination of a children’s books author. Matthijs is our Visionary.

Philosophy of Thriving

“Based on everything we have learned so far, we developed the Philosophy of Thriving:
five elements representing the ingredients of the change we’re making.”


Explore: Discover what was unknown before
Educate: Learn to improve
Connect: Link existing and new ambitions
Create: Commit to play
Celebrate: Showcase success stories

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To the children and to the people and organizations who care for these children, to the creators and the promoters and the experts.
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