Ombudsman for international children

Expat Valley believes that international migration should be an enriching experience that allows children to thrive. As the world’s first ombudsman for international children we are building the ecosystem that welcomes everyone pursuing happiness for children on the move. We choose to be unconventional. We have seen and experienced conventional, and we are certain that neither the road nor the destination are any fun. We stand up for a future in which children’s voices are heard, and decisions are made with respect for their futures.

The term expat derives from expatriate, which stems from ex patria, Latin for “out of your home country”. Right this moment, over 40 million children are growing up outside the country in which they were born. They could have been forcibly removed due to natural or human-made disaster striking their homes, or one of their parents’ employers may have asked their families to take on an international assignment. An even larger number of children have a second-hand experience with international relocation, as one or both of their parents regularly commute to a different country. From children growing up in rural areas who have to miss both their parents as they work in the city for most of the year, to children exposed to their parents’ frequent business traveling, international migration takes many forms. All of these children have something in common: international migration impacts the place they call home.